District Information

Name Position Email Address Phone Number
Koln Knight Superintendent koln.knight@cushing.k12.ok.us (918) 225-3425
Melissa Amon Director of Student and Instructional Services melissa.amon@cushing.k12.ok.us (918) 225-3425 x214
Justin Annis Director of Information Technology justin.annis@cushing.k12.ok.us (918) 225-3425 x213
Chris Hubbard Director of Plant Management chris.hubbard@cushing.k12.ok.us (918) 225-3425 x221
Alan Joplin Director of Transportation alan.joplin@cushing.k12.ok.us (918) 225-1708
John Rhoten Director of Food Services & Federal Programs john.rhoten@cushing.k12.ok.us (918) 225-3425 x212
Janice Cooper Activity Accounts, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant
janice.cooper@cushing.k12.ok.us (918) 225-3425 x210
Linda Davis Administrative Assistant to Superintendent linda.davis@cushing.k12.ok.us (918) 225-3425 x217
Karen Dooley Food Service Administrative Assistant/Treasurer karen.dooley@cushing.k12.ok.us (918) 225-3425 x220
Tammie Wright Accounts Payable, Insurance, Payroll tammie.wright@cushing.k12.ok.us (918) 225-3425 x218